Dead Draw

Book Three of the Sophie Lee Saga
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Stormi D Lewis
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3, The Sophie Lee Saga
It's time to stop Algos at any cost, but Sophie's trapped in her own mind with no idea of how to escape. The longer she remains, the more she forgets, and the stronger the evil that flows inside her becomes. Can James and his friends save her in time to stop Algos from taking over the living and the dead?

Jess and Jack thought they were the only ones that knew how to access the dream realm, but Algos has his own key to get in. Determined to control both worlds, there's nothing he's not willing to do to achieve his goal. Even if Clarice's life is the price that's paid. Will Sophie save the woman that killed Mario? Or will Clarice have to save herself?

Tina's secrets will cost a life. She's just not sure which one. Friends from her past come to help protect Sophie's body as she fights for her life, and Eddie's loyalties are tested to the very end. With three different battle fields and new players coming to join in, will this be the ultimate checkmate? Or will this Dead Draw leave both sides unable to win? Let the games begin....
Stormi Lewis is your typical girl next door from Kansas City, Mo, who has lived a very extraordinary life. A dancing cocktail server/bartender, professional ballerina/tapper/jazz and contemporary dancer, American Sign Language Interpreter, business manager/marketer, Lincoln concierge, and more, who has collected stories that made her a twice published author in the nonfiction bibliography genre. But a story she had created in middle school still begged to be shared, causing the Sophie Lee Saga to be born. If you want to know when Stormi's next book will come out, please be sure to go to, where you can sign up for notifications of when her next book will hit the shelves.
Dead Draw

Lewis, Stormi D
Chasing Stormi
ISBN 9798985699920
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